Brain development teaching tool

A game that helps people appreciate the impact of early childhood experiences on outcomes across the lifespan.


A non-profit organization had funded the digitization of a tool to teach people about brain development in children. This game, developed by developmental scientists of the National Scientific Council on the Developing Child and communication scientists at the FrameWorks Institute, required a format for better outreach.

Solution & Role

I helped run a team of developers and designers to implement a mobile and web product that could be given and sold to educators around the world.

  • 1. Assisted the team in critically reviewing designs as we were building a tool to use globally and for people of mutliple cultures and device understanding.
  • 2. Assisted engineering teams to understand the end to end solution and the importance of application parity, as educators and learners would bring their own devices.
  • a. This teaching tool required a simple registration, multi-language support, ability to support real time discussion for remote learning and attention to session management so users could sync their data simply and accurately in real time, while maintaining the game stayed true to it’s physical form factor.
Admin viewHigh level flow chart
To respect company privacy, solutions and designs are made to represent the spirit of the application/solution.