Financial services

A finance portal for the vehicle manufactures division of one of the largest mobility (air, land, sea, people) innovators in the world.


The finance department had outgrown their initial digital solution that was currently running all financials for consumer products. This old technology was costing the company lost revenue, increased need for customer support, inconsistent data and missed sales opportunities.

Solution & Role

Lead an initiative to reimagine the consumer experience for payment portal and management.

  • 1. I began by running an analysis of their current solution by navigating through their system as a user, both as an employee and a consumer.
  • 2. I followed by interviewing existing customers, internal customer support teams, managers and internal stakeholders. Our solution integrated with their existing Salesforce environments, and expanded to reliably provide customers a seamless custom experience.
  • 3. We revamped the customer success platform which simplified the support process.
  • 4. We created self service/help tools so frequently asked questions could be added by the company admins, reducing the need for calls with customer service.
  • 5. We opened growth avenues by providing customers the ability to request new product offerings, extend their current terms, and begin new sales directly from their portal.
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To respect company privacy, solutions and designs are made to represent the spirit of the application/solution.