Respiratory therapy

Direct care for patients requiring at home therapies and assessments.


In a given work day, respiratory therapists were limited to the amount of patients they could see. Some factors included the patient locations around Southern California, travel time, etc. Further, respiratory therapists were required to return back to headquarters to upload assessments from paper documents and then route their next appointment.

Solution & Role

Building on top of their existing Saleseforce instance, I helped lead a team to build a digital solution to improve multiple facets of the respiratory journey.

  • 1. We digitized their current paper assessments into questionnaires.
  • 2. We refined their existing data model so that a clinical administrator could build new questionairre records that could later be assigned to multiple patients. Respiratory therapists would later use the tablet application we built to conduct these assessments when visiting a patient. Moving away from paper allowed these tablets to securely send information back to their database where other medical personnel could review the results.
  • 3. We further integrated a map and routing engine that helped map effecient routes for the therapist. This meant they could leave from one patients home, to the next closest patient. This reduced drive time and administrative work for the therapist, allowing time for additional patients to be seen in a given day.
Respiratory app patient detail viewRespiratory app patient survey
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