I currently focus on product development that is building the foundation of Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT). I’ve focused on participant & site experiences of platform development, and aim to keep participants (patients, caregiver, etc) at the forefront of product decisions.

DCT’s are vital in the advancements of biotechnology, bioengineering, pharmaceuticals, etc. My viewpoint as we quickly build this industry, is to remember that these participants are people and not data points. Their motivations are focused on the potential benefits of their participation for themselves and/or others (friends and family). They deserve an experience that is simple, helpful, informative, and as non-invasive to their daily lives as possible.



A small collection of products I helped lead. I’ve redacted company and user information, however the spirit of the applications remain :)

My upcoming case studies


Virtual visits for patient & providers

Participant portal

ePro solutions


B2B Global banking platform